Softcover coil binding A4 (schools)


Softcover with coil binding

With coil binding, your work is covered with continuous spirals of plastic (coils), a transparent cover film, and a thicker backing board. Your title page is visible. Alternatively, you can choose a cardboard for the cover page, which you can have printed if you wish.

The 360° page cover makes the book easy to handle and improves readability. We print your thesis or dissertation on 100 g satin premium paper in color and/or black and white. For the spiral you can choose from three possible colors.

Softcover with coil binding at a glance:

  • Plastic spirals (coils)
  • Visible title page (alternatively cover page made of cardboard)
  • 360° page cover
  • 100 g satin premium paper
  • Printing in color and/or black and white
  • Spiral in 3 color variants selectable
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  • Here you can choose the format for your book.

    Choose between a transparent foil or a cardboard front printed for you

    Choose between a transparent foil or a cardboard front printed for you

    When printing double-sided, make sure that the larger margin is on the inside and the page numbers are on the outside or in the middle. The optimal margin distance inside is 2.5-3cm.

    With the spiral binding it can also be smaller (approx. 1cm) since the book can be opened completely.

    Please enter the total number of pages of your PDF.

    Please specify the number of color pages here.


    Here you can let the printer determine the color pages automatically, or you specify the PDF page numbers (top left in the PDF) in this form (3,5 10,12-17...)

    In the determination by the printer, it may be that gray values also count as color pages, and are thus also calculated as color pages.

    Choose between the standard 1oogr, 120gr, 160gr or 200gr paper. All are premium papers with a satin finish for perfect color prints.

    Extras & Accessories

    Borderless printing is suitable for documents where graphics/photos go right to the edge. In this case, an overfiller of 3mm is useful. Without borderless printing, a white margin of approx. 5-8mm is created. Make sure that important information is 5-8mm away from the edge.

    A3 pages are specially folded 2x and bound so that you can fold them outwards. If you have more than 20 A3 pages, the book will be larger on the outside and will not look as good.

    We burn your PDF file onto a CD. You can also optionally upload additional files to be burned onto the CD.

    Please indicate how many CDs you would like to have. The number of CDs is independent of the number of books.

    Please indicate how many CD cases you would like to have. The number of sleeves is independent of the number of books.


    does not apply to postal shipping

    Standard (24-48hrs)
    We manufacture within 24-48hrs.

    Express under 12 hrs
    Order by 8am and your work will be shipped the same day, or pick up that evening.

    Express under 6 hrs
    Order by 11am and we will ship the same day, or you can pick up that evening.

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    For files > 128 MB please use our upload (In the top menu line). Please select "pre-order without file" before.
    If you want to upload more than one file, you can do that afterwards under "upload more file".



When printing & binding your diploma thesis, bachelor's thesis, master's thesis or other scientific papers, you can also choose an attractive and stable coil binding.

  • Spirals in white black and transparent
  • Transparent matte front film or printed cardboard
  • reinforced leather-look spine cardboard in black, white, gray, blue, red, green or as printed cardboard
  • Sheet size up to 200 pages single-sided or 400 pages double-sided.


  • flexible design
  • dimensionally stable and robust
  • Book can be turned 360
  • high quality exterior impression
  • Individual pages can be flexibly exchanged

You always pay when you get the books without risk. Either cash or with bank transfer upon pickup in the store or on account after delivery or pickup from the pickup box.

  • You are near Vienna? Ideal then come by our store during opening hours or flexibly 24/7 across the street at our pick-up boxes.
  • We also ship daily and you will usually receive your books within 2 days, EMS also next day. However, the post office reserves longer delivery times under certain circumstances.

When printing double-sided, please make sure that the odd page numbers are always on a right-hand book page. If this is not the case, simply insert a blank page somewhere at the beginning (before the numbering).

The page numbers should also always be set either on the outside or in the center so that they do not disappear in the gutter (bound page). In Word, simply select "outside" for alignment.

Please also note the edge distance in the waistband. The margin in the waistband (where it is bound) should be at least 2.5cm (optimally 3cm). If the margin is not the same on both sides, then please choose the larger margin distance in the waistband (e.g. 3cm on the left and 2cm on the right) - on the reverse side (i.e. page number straight) exactly the opposite.

With a coil binding, the margin can also be smaller since you can
you can open the book completely.

With us you can save - we charge the b/w and color pages separately. You can specify your color pages, or let the printer automatically
determined by the printer. You simply enter the color pages using the PDF page number (top left in the document) with a comma and without spaces (1,3 5,7-10...). If you want to avoid an incorrect specification you can also let the printer determine your color pages automatically
by the printer. But make sure that gray colors or hyperlinks are always set as black, otherwise they will be printed as color, which can lead to higher costs. You will be charged according to the actual pages.