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Frequently asked questions

What you might want to know when printing your thesis


How long does it take to have my thesis printed and bound?

Normally your product is ready within 24 to 48 hours. With our express service it is even faster and you will receive your work within a few hours if you wish.

Can I send my PDF later than planned and will you still finish?

Please always keep us updated, most of the time it's not a problem. If you want to send your PDF a little later, feel free to call or email us!

Are you guys done with my thesis yet?

We always keep you up to date! Shortly before we are done, you will get a call, an email or a text message from us.

Costs / Payment

How much does it cost to have my thesis printed and bound?

Our price calculator will transparently calculate the individual price for you online. While you are configuring your order in the order form, the price updates in real time, so you know immediately how much it will cost to have your thesis printed.

How can I pay for the printing and binding of my thesis?

When you pick up your work, you can pay by debit card. If your work is shipped or picked up in the pick-up box, you can pay on account.


What hardcover bindings do you have for theses?

We offer a beautiful and durable leather look and a high quality, elegant linen look.

What softcover bindings do you have?

We offer convenient coil binding and metal binding.

Do you have the logo of my university or UAS to emboss?

We have several logos for embossing. Just choose your logo in the order form. If the logo is not available yet, feel free to let us know. With a lead time of 2 weeks, we will be happy to have a logo made.

Can I order different colors for my thesis?

Yes, gladly! Just enter your color wishes in the message field, or add the different colors to the shopping cart.

What extras do you offer when printing and binding my thesis?

CDs are burned and printed with professional CD printer

CD sleeves for gluing in

A3 plans incorporated

Book corners in 4 different colors

Bookmark ribbons in many beautiful colors

Plant pockets for gluing in

Business card pockets for gluing in



How should I format my thesis for printing?

One-sided: Side gaps inside (left) should be at least 2.5 to 3 cm. On the outside, they should not be less than 1 cm at the top and bottom.

Double-sided/two-sided: The side distances inside should be at least 2.5 to 3 cm. Outside, top and bottom they should not be less than 1 cm.

Borderless printing: For borderless printing, these distances also apply to everything that should be legible and visible. However, for this you should please set the bleed to 3 mm on each side.

Can I send you a word doc?

Please send us only a PDF. With Word files, the formatting would be adjusted to our Word settings and thus completely changed. The PDF, on the other hand, remains unchanged on our computers.

What kind of paper do you use?

We always print on high quality 100 g premium paper.
For an additional charge you can also choose 120 g premium paper.


Do you have a proper imprint?

Genuine deep embossing
Your text is manually embossed into the book cover in the old craft tradition - by pressure and heat, using brass letters. And not, as is often the case, by machine.

Can I see a preview of the embossing?

Of course! We will gladly send you a PDF with the preview of your front cover embossing.

I would like to emboss the cover and/or the spine. Is that still possible afterwards?

Embossing on the front cover afterwards is possible in principle up to a certain book thickness. However, this does not work on the spine. To do this, we would have to open the book and replace the spine.

Do you have any colorful embossing colors?

In addition to the classic colors like gold and silver, we offer another 20 great colorful embossing colors. There is something for every taste!

Can I choose different embossing colors?

If you would like to have something classic for the delivery, but a little more colorful for your personal books, simply indicate in the "What else I would like to say" field how many books are to be embossed in which color. This way, there are no limits to different combinations. However, you can also add the variants individually to the shopping cart.


If I want to have my thesis printed: Do I have to fill out the order form?

Yes, please! The order form asks for all the information we need to produce your thesis quickly and correctly at a glance.

If I have individual wishes: Do I have to fill out several order forms, or can I put everything in one?

Feel free to specify a variation and put any additional info in the "What else I'd like to say" message box. For example, "Please emboss only the spine of one book, and please emboss the front cover of the remaining books."

However, you can also add the variants individually to the shopping cart.

I found an error in my PDF, may I send a new one?

If we haven't printed yet, that's not a problem. Just rename the new PDF and send it to us. If we have already printed, we can exchange the pages in question for an extra charge if there are not too many. Otherwise we have to reprint.

Can I still make changes?

Changes are usually no problem. Just ask how far we are in the production and we will be happy to discuss the details with you!

I would like to have more/less books than ordered, is that possible?

If you want to order more books, although we have already started the production, it's no problem. If you want to have less books and we haven't started yet, it's no problem either!

I have discovered an error in my thesis. Is it possible to open the books again?

Thanks to our special binding system, we can reopen the books afterwards for an additional charge and replace individual pages or the entire print as needed.

Can I please reorder another book?

Of course! Just write us an email and send the PDF again. If we need any further information, we will contact you.


Do you also send out finished theses?

Yes, but in addition to the production time, there is also the time for mailing. With our express delivery service, you will receive your printed and bound thesis faster, usually the very next day.

Normal shipping: Here is normal shipping, usually the books are then within 2-5 days with you (usually after 2 days).

EMS shipping: With express shipping, your package should be with you by 1 p.m. the next day. If you are not at home to receive the package, you can specify your nearest post office as the shipping address - and then conveniently pick up from there.

What you when printing your thesis
else know should

You take over the preparation

You write the paper in Word or in another program.
You save the work as a PDF.
You control the PDF.
You fill out and submit the order form and receive a confirmation email.
You send us the thesis bye-mail or as an upload.
You wait until we inform you about the completion.

We print and bind - quickly and reliably

We will check your file and let you know if there are any visible formal errors.
We'll ship your work or you can pick it up.
We will contact you when we are ready. We will follow your time constraints in the order form.
We shape.
We print.
We bind .

You still have an urgent question
about printing your thesis?

Feel free to call us!